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Photography has always been an essential part of my life, although my professional focus lies more on words and civil engagement. My analog photo work, mainly B/W, focuses on reportage, documentation of social interaction and deals a lot with the heart of Europe, which for me is based in the so-called East and South East of our continent.

For some years now, I am board member of „Zigutamve - Association for Contemporary Analog Photography“ and together with my friend Dino Rekanovic managing the international acclaimed "ROTLICHT Festival for Analog Photography" in Vienna. Jury member of other international photo festivals is a great way to learn from others, as well doing portfolio reviews.

My mechanical tools for expression are manufactured in Wetzlar. So Leica is my reference. But I also love the work with middle format, here Yashica and Mamiya. Pinhole is in the beginning ...

For any questions and collaboration ideas, just contact me!

Thank You!

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